HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo Delivery Menu

Introducing our New Delivery Service

At HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo, we have started a new delivery service.

The delivery menu includes a variety of savory Bento Boxes made delicately by our chefs;
Kansai-style Udon Noodles brought to you by NADABAN by HAL YAMASHITA;
sweet Pastry delights made by our professional pastry chefs!

Enjoy the flavors of a restaurant at the comforts of your home!
We will deliver the items straight to your doorstep!

Zhoosh up your home dining meals with restaurant-quality ingredients and flavor!


Pre-order or order up till 1 hour before for same-day delivery! 

Free delivery for orders more than 5000 yen (Standard delivery fee: 500 yen)

Delivery Area: Tokyo, 10 Wards
Minato Ward, Meguro Ward, Taito Ward, Bunkyo Ward, Shinagawa Ward,
Chiyoda Ward, Chuo Ward, Shinjuku Ward, Shibuya Ward, Setagaya Ward 
※ We do not deliver to other locations

Delivery Time: 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm

Customer Pick-Up
① HAL YAMASHITA Tokyo (Tokyo Midtown)
② NADABAN by HAL YAMASHITA (Tokyo Midtown Hibiya)
③ HAL YAMASHITA Production Atelier (Kyojima, Sumida Ward)
※ Please specify the time you would like to pick up your order in the online form.
※ For pick-up orders that were charged with the delivery fee, 500 yen will be returned to you upon
    collection of your order at the store.

Order Online Here
Last order for delivery at 12:30 pm → 10:00 am
Last order for delivery at 5:00 pm → 4:00 pm
(Pick-up is also available at certain locations, for pick-up timings please contact us)

Payment Method: Paypal Credit Card Payment or Cash on Delivery

For Telephone Reservations:

・The delivery time stated above is an estimate for reference.
・There are only 2 time slots are available for deliveries in a day; at 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm.
      We do not offer any other delivery time slots.
・Delivery times may vary due to certain circumstances such as the number of orders delivered in a time
      slot, traffic conditions, and bad weather. We seek your understanding in this matter.
・Items will be delivered in a refrigerated truck.
・Items can be delivered to your doorstep, mansion building front desk or a street in front of your home
      and etc. Please specify where you would like to pick-up your order.
・The driver will call you when your order is arriving.