HAL YAMASHITA Charity Party 2017

10th HAL YAMASHITA UN WFP Charity Party

UN WFP Charity Party held at HAL YAMASHITA, Tokyo will count to 10 this year.

All entrance fees and sales from the charity auction will be donated to the United Nations WFP “School Meals Program”.

Your donation can make a difference, through the WFP “School Meals Program” that will provide food to children around the world. Giving them “Dreams, Hope and Education” as well.

We look forward to seeing you all at the party.

Thank-you for your kind thoughts and cooperation.



Executive Chef  HAL YAMASHITA

General Manager  Kenichi Ogata


*Event Outline

Date  2017/11/20 (Monday)

Time  18:30 ~ open reception,  19:00 ~ event start   (21:00 event end)

Place  HAL YAMASHITA, Tokyo  (at Tokyo Midtown)

Entrance Fee  over \3,500 (as funding fee)

Standing Buffet Style (drinks and food)


We await individuals and companies to make donations for the charity auction to be held during the party.

Fundings・Questions・Registrations for the party

Please contact below at Watermark, Tokyo office

Tel: 03-5785-8886 (weekdays 10:00 – 17:00)

Or our website 「hal-yamashita.com/charity_r.html


  • Please note that we may not be able to accept your registration for the party in case of capacity over.

Food will all be prepared by our chefs from our restaurant.

This is a standing buffet style party, with free drinks and food.

Thank-you for your understanding that there is a limited number, even though we will try to prepare enough to satisfy everyone.